Turnover Playbook, Part Two:

Employer Branding & Identity Missions

Managers and leaders experiencing high turnover tend to think retention only becomes important after an employee has gained value to the company, which means this employee would need to acquire:

  • Company Knowledge – Be fully trained
  • Fit – Pass probation period and work well with others
  • Performance – Contribute in a valuable way

Contrary to this belief, the most successful retention plans start from employer branding – which happens way before this employee is hired. Employers need to stay focused on becoming the company that people “want” to work for.

The Playbook, Part Two: Clarify Your Employer Branding and Practice that Identity

Our employer branding retention plans are customized to each client based on the type of industry competition you are facing; however, we always recommend aiming towards these 2 big missions first. Everything else – such as campus partnerships and non-profit or event sponsorships comes later. 

Mission One: We are a company focused on internal growth and pays competitively

So many companies have job posts that read “We offer competitive salary and bonus.” Yet, they have not done the required competitor analysis (benchmarking) or research into the job market. Job candidates accept offers and “settle” because of their fear of the unknown, then regret it as soon as another suitor comes along with a better offer.

Prevent this cycle and ask yourself – are you “really” paying competitively to the current job market and competitively internally to inspire growth? Imagine HR can help you review and restructure your Compensation & Development programs to ensure your mission.

Once you have an effective structure setup to promote internal growth and create a competitive advantage towards outside talent, you need to remember to keep communicating with your talent about their Compensation & Development Plans. To ensure they are on track and valued.

Mission Two: We are a company focused on people and their passions

People need real connections in their workplace to feel a sense of value and belonging – to work hard towards common team goals and stay engaged. Strong team cohesiveness can create real connections in the workplace. It can even help some people wake up and look forward to getting into work in the morning.

Invest a clear budget in scheduled team building activities, community involvement, and/or perks that are specific to your employees’ interests. This investment will reflect this mission’s success and will bond employees. At Imagine HR, we can help by surveying your employee engagement and determine how to create a budget that doesn’t have to be just employer-paid. 

Your online reviews are where people go to understand your employees’ opinions on the company. This is where your prospective candidates are reviewing you to see if you’re a good employer to work for. Check your current standing on Indeed, Glassdoor and Google. If you don’t have a presence yet, we will help you build your online identity. Your presence on the web is essential to your Employer Branding – whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or your Corporate Website. It’s time to branch out and manage these areas proactively with content that aligns with your people, culture and missions. We can help!

Become Preferred Employers with Imagine HR. We are here to help!

With Imagine HR, we will provide you with an analytical process to establish effective compensation planning, which means you will be competitive internally and externally. Let us leverage great compensation planning with even greater development planning, so your employees never want to leave.

Our creative Employee Engagement and Community Involvement program plans can be customized to every budget. It all starts with our survey and focus groups to understand what your employees want. We then establish scheduled plans for your employees to stay connected all year round. Let us bring your people together for lasting relationships.

We are brand and social media managers. We will create annual plans for your campaigns to attract talent, engage communities, and embrace education. We can build you a social media platform to formalize your brand to students, new grads and experienced talent. This is an essential part of cementing your brand as a preferred employer. We are here to help!