Solving Turnover: Stop Your Revolving Door

Have you noticed certain jobs in your company are simply revolving doors? Regardless of whether the newcomers pass their probation or not, most of them don’t stick with these red-flagged positions (or teams) for longer than a year. Turnovers is typically highest within the first year of service for companies that experiencing the “revolving door”. What are these newcomers seeing that you’re not? Don’t let these blind spots build up more turnover cost over time. In the years we have worked with our clients, many managers and team leaders have admitted that they used to blame this poor “fit” on the generation gap:

  • “They” – The Millennials…

  • “They” didn’t like the hours or how much work it entails;

  • “They” didn’t know how to work well with others;

  • “They” weren’t connecting with others (with their headphones on); or,

  • “They” wanted to move up too quickly.

It’s always easy to point fingers and move on to another issue on the horizon, but this is actually a costly habit that should be kicked right away. Largely because it’s impacting your employer branding, employee morale and potential productivity, whether you notice it or not.

Turnover prevention isn’t rocket science. We want to share a few strategies from our Playbook to help you stop the revolving door.

The Playbook, Part One: Modernize Your Orientations and Listen to Your New Hires

How smoothly are you orienting your new hires? Do they understand the importance of their role to the grand scheme of things? Do they feel supported and heard by management? We have many solutions to help you improve your orientation process – to build stronger teamwork, employee engagement, and a sustained cultural fit.

In exit interviews from past employees that left within their first year at companies, the most common complaints included:

  • I needed more support from my team, but everyone is focused on their own work.

  • I wanted to talk to my manager, but they are always busy or in meetings.

  • I would have liked to receive more training in certain areas of my job.

  • I wished I had a mentor focused on my growth. I didn’t feel like I could advance from this job, ever.

All of which are things that could have been managed and improved upon from Day 1, but only if you are asking the right questions and listening. Stop letting talent and potential walk out that door. Remember that all the time spent teaching, training and orienting a new hire is an investment. Its time to stop loss. Why dilute your enterprise knowledge by endorsing the revolving door?

Stop the Revolving Door with Imagine HR. We are here to help!

With Imagine HR, we partner with your Management team to identify where the existing orientation can be improved and modernized to your workforce demographics. We can create a new orientation that isn’t just another PowerPoint presentation. We can establish structured team building to welcome new team members and clarify roles to foster more efficiency. Let us help you build an orientation program that helps your new hires navigate your workplace, find their resources, feel a sense of belonging and most importantly, be heard. We can even touch base with your new hires at set milestones to ensure job satisfaction and training completion.

How can we help? Get in touch with us today.