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HR Management Consultation

Imagine, HR solutions that are designed to mold to your business, with all its edges and curves. This is what it means to be best-fit.

Think you will grow past 50 employees? Perhaps it’s time to have someone in HR in-house. We can help you hire people-centered HR support based on your need. We will leverage our wide network of HR practitioners to help you build the right team.

“Jocelyn is an asset to any team! She takes complex processes and works to streamline them. She redesigned processes and tools used to execute programs.”

Stephanie (Preston) Saunders, BComm, CPHR, Manager, Talent Management (2016) Encana Corporation

I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright young professional, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of our Construction Department at Canalta.”

Shane Sundquist, Director of Construction (2012) Canalta

“Jocelyn brings years of experience as a coach and a corporate executive. She is perceptive, incisive and has an infinite capacity to listen without prejudgment.”

Brent O’Connor , Director of Sales (2018) Glowbal Restaurant Group

The AIR Model

Imagine HR brings you the opportunity to foster happy workplace cultures through the AIR Model. Designed to be customizable and flexible based on budget and business trend.

Employer Branding
Social Media Marketing
Talent Recruitment
Student & New Grad Relations

Development & Incentives
Performance Management
Succession Planning
Training Content & Curriculum

Culture & Engagement
Social Community
New Hire Orientation
Events & Perks

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Building HR

We will leverage our wide network of HR practitioners to help your build the right team.

As you grow in size, your employee data also increases. You may have more need for analytics, dashboards and tools. We can help you select, configure and implement the right HRIS (Human Resources Information System).

Advisory & People Services

Have a question about a situation with an employee?

We provide HR advisory services that answers all your questions about employee issues and can coach you through the steps for resolving Employee Grievances, completing fair and confidential Incident Investigations, and advocating in Mediation. We can also optimize your HR Services with Self-Service options based on your IT resources, so it takes up less of everyone’s time.

Jocelyn is focused on process efficiencies and exceeding expectations.”

Dave Urquhart, Director, HR Workforce Management & HRIS (2016) Encana Corporation

Jocelyn created policies and initiatives that protected company employees and we were able to provide an environment that exceeded hospitality standards.”

Bill Modrovic, General Manager (2018) Black + Blue Restaurant

“Jocelyn is very efficient at leading complicated projects through to completion, and I have gained so much valuable knowledge and experience working with her.”

Kat Kozak, General Manager (2018) Trattoria Park Royal

Her vast experience was evident as she introduced new policy and programs to best aid all those in our organization with tangible results.”

Megan Oag, Assistant General Manager (2018) Glowbal Restaurant

Documents & Content Creation

We are content creators and build streamlined and branded templates for all your HR needs.

Candidate Application

Vacation Request

Performance Review

New Hire Orientation

Company Overview

Respectful Workplace

Code of Conduct

Company Overview

Respectful Workplace

Offer of Employment

Salary Increase

Position Change

Interview Process

Performance Review

Disciplinary Process

Onboarding Checklist

HRIS Checklist

Employee File Checklist

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