A GLOWBAL MOVEMENT CREATING COMPREHENSIVE AND PREVENTATIVE PEOPLE PRACTICES H is for Human With over 8 local restaurants and cafes, Glowbal Restaurant Group flourishes as a renowned brand for fine dining and corporate celebrations. Glowbal took a big step in ensuring it's people are [...]



LIFE WITH PEARL OPTIMIZING DESIGN, MARKETING, TECHNOLOGY & PEOPLE Collaboration is Key Pearl Sinks Canada is a popular local wholesale-retail distributor of premium faucets, sinks and accessories. Through a cohesive approach between HR, Design & Technology, we collaborated with the Pearl brand to refine [...]



People Operations for Clinics BRINGING THE HR FUNDAMENTALS People = Culture As a sport-focused clinic with physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic practitioners, Trifecta Rehab is well known for it's holistic and hands-on approach towards rehabilitation. With this dynamic team of wellness and health professionals, [...]

Little Paws


Little Paws, Big Ideas SMALL BUSINESS AT ITS BEST Clinically Proven In the historic fishing village of Steveston, nestled in South Richmond, Little Paws Animal Clinic is a conventional and holistic full-service veterinary practice. With an emphasis on preventative medicine, their mission is to [...]

Fresh Impression


Fresh Impression Rooting Down HR Foundations Structure for Success As a family-owned local business for over 30 years, the Fresh Impression brand belongs to Icon Global Supply (IGS), a recognized leader in North America's wooden-ware market. Our work with IGS included a thorough review [...]

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