Not Your Mother’s HR

Strategic HR is not for the weak hearted or for those who aren’t ready to roll up their sleeves. Leaders who are committed to an agile environment understand this. In order to successfully maneuver results-oriented changes and disrupt complacency, you must have clear vision, vivid targets and the tactfulness to ensure buy-in. The first of these is the most rare and valuable quality of all.

Vision is what pushes for innovation, which in turn drives your competitive advantage in any industry.

HR has long been at the side lines in organizations where HR is viewed as an administrative function that has become a catch-all for employee inquiries and needs. Essentially, it’s morphed into customer service for employees – on top of running scheduled payroll, tracking vacations and organizing events like annual celebrations. This isn’t the “HR” in Imagine HR. We’re not your mother’s (or father’s) HR. The times have evolved and so should you.

We specialize in “Strategic HR,” which to us is applying the Trifecta of HR Functions in order to drive tangible businesses results:

  • Performance Management – we identify Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets and incentives driven by internal competition, business direction and market demands
  • Development Management – we implement continuous learning programs and improve opportunities for collaboration, including project & committee management to keep engagement on special topics and traction in areas of interest
  • Workforce Planning – we plan based on preemptive forecast of human capital needs with budget and strategy for recruitment pipelines to feed the organization’s talent pool

With these tools, we help companies build purpose for their people. In a survey conducted by Linkedin, it was demonstrated that 85% of purpose-led companies showed positive growth, whereas 42% of non-purpose-led companies showed drop in revenue. Our commitment to strategic HR is chartered by the belief that “the success of the people leads to the success of the organization.” This is how we guide our clients in committing to their 2019 People Strategy. 

The 10 Telltale Signs You Need Strategic HR

Big or small, companies go further when you’ve planned and structured for that growth. That’s where strategic HR can boost your results. Just because you have HR in-house, doesn’t mean it’s a strategic function. We’ve consulted with countless clients to assess whether or not they have strategic HR leadership internally. Here are the telltale signs. You need strategic HR insights from Imagine HR if your organization’s….

  1. HR isn’t contributory towards your business’s annual objectives or strategic plan
  2. HR only consists of administrators, coordinators, payroll & benefits specialists and recruiters
  3. HR doesn’t have an annual budget or recycles last year’s budget plan every year
  4. HR doesn’t have innovative suggestions on talent management directives and initiatives
  5. HR doesn’t attend or participate in business operation meetings
  6. HR doesn’t stay on top of HR-related news or ahead of legislative changes
  7. HR isn’t continuously learning new talent management techniques and HR technology
  8. HR only processes paperwork, payroll, coordinates meetings and answers questions
  9. HR doesn’t know who your top performers and potential leaders are, or their KPIs
  10. HR doesn’t have an annual People Plan or Strategy

Perhaps, HR is simply non-existent because you think you’re too small to have HR. Here’s how Imagine HR can help. We can build you a strong Trifecta of HR Functions that is in-sourced and self-ran by your own management team. We will create a People Strategy for 2019, so you can understand your people goals and where your areas of improvement are.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” – Bill Gates

If you are a founder, CEO or leader of operation, it’s time to disrupt your comfort zone, and recognize your own strengths, so you can understand what drives and stalls your organization. We want you to question whether or not you are living your core values and vision. We want to build people plans and strategies that foster your people to develop towards your vision and gain proficiency on your core values.

Design Your New Year’s Resolutions with Imagine HR. We’re here to help!

For the new year ahead, we want our clients and prospect clients to reflect and refine their targets and vision as leaders. Ask yourself why you do what you do. Start making decisions based on those exact reasons. Let us help you align your people to your business. We want to be partners in your success by building you a customized Trifecta of HR Functions. Strategic HR doesn’t have to be costly, because Imagine HR provides hourly consulting services that help you manage your budget wisely.