Marketing Considerations for Businesses During COVID-19

Disruptive is one of the many ways to describe the events that are occurring in our world today. While disruption is something that companies are familiar with, COVID-19 has posed a new challenge for businesses and has caused many to re-evaluate their marketing strategy and approach. Our business environment is seemingly facing its version of “survival of the fittest”, causing global economic uncertainty.

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Planning Ahead During Uncertain Times

In times of crisis, it may be hard to know what next steps to take. But businesses are adapting to adversity, with companies changing how they conduct business and restructuring their approach. Pivoting brand messaging and adapting marketing strategies to the current conditions is the key to maintaining sales and brand awareness. 

Our team at Imagine Better Solutions understands the challenges that many businesses are facing and we are here to help. Here are some key considerations we are taking to help our clients overcome today’s turbulent conditions:

1. Looking at Your Brand Heart

During times when a brand needs to conduct strategic re-evaluation, it becomes crucial to remember what your brand’s purpose, vision, and mission are. These core principles make up your “brand heart”the center of your brand’s DNA that gives it life. The brand heart sets the tone for your marketing initiatives and can inform your approach. Taking the time to consult your brand heart will help you stay aligned with your brand’s values and result in consistent branding and maintained brand loyalty. 

2. Practicing Empathetic Marketing

Empathetic practices in marketing entail a brand to understand its target audience, create relevant promotions, and authentically engage with its consumers. Taking into consideration the circumstances of the pandemic, brands should be sensitive and put out positive messaging that is sincere, helpful, and well-informed. It is strongly recommended that brands remain mindful and steer clear of alarmist messaging.  

In addition, be wary of posting anything that could be misconstrued as egocentric or self-seeking, as offending your audience could lead to your brand’s demise. It is important to act in the spirit of humility to strengthen the rapport you have with your existing customers and attract the loyalty of potential customers.

3. Highlighting How Your Brand Can Help

Many consumers are facing financial burdens as a result of the Coronavirus; therefore, your campaigns should highlight the value that your brand brings to the daily lives of your consumers. Your message should communicate the benefits of purchasing your product or service and how it can make a difference in the lives of your consumers during this difficult time. 

Promotion strategies, such as optimizing loyalty programs, flash sales, and “buy now, save later” discounts, are all great ways to facilitate sales and give your consumers additional reasons to purchase your brand’s product. If you feel like you don’t have a solution to the current lifestyles of your consumers, you could consider posting helpful content relevant to your audience. Sales are likely to increase when you post content that entertains, educates, or inspires people that are isolating all day. 

We’re here to help you navigate this difficult time.

Gain Clarity During Turbulent Times With Imagine Better Solutions

While global populations are participating in social distancing and self-quarantining, it is quintessential to remember that nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass. Here at Imagine Better Solutions, we want to help you shine a light on your brand’s principles, promises, and ability to remain resilient, allowing you to find your silver lining so you can effectively reach your audience in helpful ways that increase and expand engagement. Through a proactive marketing approach, we are here to help your brand pave the way for a successful future.