How Your Website Can Help Build Your Brand

Your company’s website is your consumers’ go-to place for information on your products, services, contact information, and the story of your brand. With the influx of mobile usage and the prevalence of online shopping increasing all the time, your company’s website is more important than ever. 

If a customer was to visit your store or office in person, you wouldn’t want them to be greeted by an aesthetically displeasing storefront, rude staff, and inconsistent communication—so why should your website be any different? Here are some ways to create a proper image for your brand and retain customers through web design:

Be Clear and Consistent

Keeping communication and copy direction consistent and clear is an important element when it comes to effective branding. It’s essential to clearly communicate your selling point by effectively outlining your brand’s values, customers, and the products or services you provide. In addition, equity, credibility, and trust in a brand are established as a result of consistent imaging across every marketing channel.

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Highlight Your Value Proposition

When newcomers first visit your website, they will want to know what value you provide in return for their time and business. Preferably, they want to be assured that you will provide solutions to their problems. However, this recommendation can only be executed successfully if your brand has clearly identified its unique selling points in the strategic planning process of your business. Highlighting the value of your product or service allows you to market to present and future customers in a way that is relevant to their daily lives. 

Have a Unique Aesthetic

As mentioned before, it’s important to be consistent with the theme of your brand; consistency also applies to the visual design of the website. The website’s media, formatting, and personality needs to align with what the brand stands for. Furthermore, your brand should have a color palette that visually sets it apart from its competitors and is true to the brand’s identity. Colors are used to evoke people’s emotions and can be used to create personality. Consumers are drawn to human-like attributes in a brand; this helps them resonate with the brand heart, thus creating brand loyalty and trust. Having an original and unique logo that is consistently used on all of your business’ platforms will also make your brand more memorable for customers. 

Use the Right Voice

The way you communicate to your customers can have a great impact on customers’ reception of your business’ values and the products or services you provide. Finding the right voice that aligns with your brand values can help you leverage growth and profit for your company. The tone used in your website’s texts and media should support the brand’s personality and resonate with the correct audience (your target market). By using the appropriate voice, you will effectively be able to increase sales and create brand loyalty. 

Take MEC Canada’s website for example. The Vancouver-based company has incorporated its logo (used at every storefront) uniformly across its website, always displayed in their brand colors of black, white, and green. Solutions to their customers’ current problems are displayed clearly and concisely before the fold. Their voice and tone are straightforward; MEC’s products are described in a manner that shows its value and quality, with a focus on the recommended use and potential benefits of their products.

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Creating a website that aligns with your brand’s identity and values is one of the many ways to effectively establish a credible and strong image. In addition to website design and development, Imagine Better Solutions also provides services for UI/UX design and search engine optimization. Imagine Better Solutions’ web development services will give your brand a cohesive digital identity that aligns with your brand’s image. Contact us for more information on how we can unveil your brand’s true potential.