Why leave free money on the table in the midst of a recession?

The CDAP grant is made to support Canadian-owned small to mid-sized businesses that want to wildly improve their digital technologies. Work with Imagine Better Solutions every step of the way as CDAP-Approved Digital Advisors.

What is CDAP?

The Government of Canada has created the Canadian Digital Adoption Program with $4 billion of investment to provide grants to Canadian-owned businesses to improve the digital adoption of technologies. The purpose of this grant is to increase the competitiveness of small and mid-sized businesses in the digital marketplace. If you’re not doing it, your competitors probably are! Don’t get left behind the wave of movement as other Canadian businesses gain momentum in their online presence.

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We are CDAP-Approved Digital Advisors

Our digital agency has been qualified by CDAP to ensure that we exceed the required criteria to deliver digital advisory services to Canadian businesses.

Trust In Us, Your Advisors

Learn about our CDAP registered digital advisors by getting to know Our Story. We provide our clients with consultation in accordance with the CDAP Code of Conduct. Unlike other digital agencies, CDAP has reviewed and approved our portfolio of work to qualify our expertise in providing digital technology solutions and advisory services.


Lower overhead costs

Lowering overhead cost is the one of the most impactful ways to reduce overall costs over the long run.


Speed up transactions and processing

Speeding up transactions and processing by consolidating or implying processes improves workflow and your team’s mental health.


Boost efficiency in managing inventory and fulfillment

Optimize your business’ management over inventory and fulfillment to save on operating costs and improve productivity.


Enhance cybersecurity tools to protect your customers and business

Don’t overlook cybersecurity, getting compromised can result in unrecoverable results.


Save time by implementing marketing automation

Utilize industry tools to automate your interactions with your market and connect with your customers.


Improve customer experience through optimizations

Manage feedback to customers in a timely manner by consolidating inquires into a single stream.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Jocelyn is an asset to any team! She takes complex processes and works to streamline them. She redesigned processes and tools used to execute programs.”

Stephanie (Preston) Saunders, BComm, CPHR, Manager, Talent Management (2016) Encana Corporation

“Jocelyn brings years of experience as a coach and a corporate executive. She is perceptive, incisive and has an infinite capacity to listen without prejudgment.”

Brent O’Connor , Director of Sales (2018) Glowbal Restaurant Group

I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright young professional, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of our Construction Department at Canalta.”

Shane Sundquist, Director of Construction (2012) Canalta
Work with imagine better solutions to take advantage of the a industry revolution CDAP

Why Now?

The Canadian economy and Canadian-owned businesses suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, and CDAP is paving the way to strengthening the online marketplace in Canada by helping businesses become more adaptive and resilient through the use of technology.

The pandemic has permanently shifted how Canadians do business, and this is the best way to fuel economic recovery. Companies and everyday customers are doing more business online than ever before. To meet the online market demands, Canadian businesses need to leverage technology to stay competitive. Supporting the digital economy will not only help companies grow, it will ultimately create more employment opportunities for Canadians. 

Government Funded Opportunity

As the economy slows due to the 2022-2023 recession, NOW is the time to use government grants to wildly improve your digital strategy as a small or mid-sized business. As you go through the digital transformation, your business will be cultivated toward growing this investment.

Imagine Better Solutions has been focused on moving businesses online efficiently and effectively since before the pandemic. We believe in doing it right the first time, and have helped countless businesses redesign and revamp their websites for growth.

Imagine better solutions are CDAP advisors that can help you with the government grant

What Are My Options With CDAP?

There are 2 grants that can help you get online or use technology to build up your business:

You can receive up to $2,400 to set up your e-commerce platform and grow your sales online. This opens up the doors to many new opportunities that you would not have received in a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

You can receive up to $15,000 to work with us to leverage technologies that will grow your business. This creates new learnings and efficiencies that you would not have known unless you are a CDAP-approved Digital Advisor. This grant also opens up the opportunity to receive up to $100,000 with 0% interest from BDC Loans.

Discover your digital potential today! Find out if you are eligible for grants.

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