Be Ready for Marijuana Legalization

In the face of BC’s upcoming marijuana legalization, is your company ready for this transition? After a year of processing through incident reports roused by the #MeToo movement, many employers are starting to recognize the costly side effects of:

  • Insufficient regulatory compliance in HR policies;
  • Lack of planned and proactive training; and,

  • High-risk workplace behaviours bolstered by unhealthy company cultures.

As a result of alleged bad behaviour and poor decision making, months went by as countless audiences watched numerous leaders and executives in different industries step down from organizations across North America. This sent a shock wave through many closed boardroom and office doors where company leaders turned to their HR head and asked….“We have a policy for that, right? I mean, we don’t have problems like that here, right?”

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, HR policies need to be made with preventative and conservative measures. They should be clearly established, understood and agreed upon before an incident occurs. After all, there is no way to time travel back to better protect our employees, employers and clients.

The truth of the matter is, there aren’t absolute identifiers for marijuana use. Whether it’s habitually used, single-used, medicinal or recreational, employers cannot be prejudice or discriminatory towards employees for their lifestyle choices. Together, we can ensure that your HR policies are up-to-date in combination with facilitated training and a culture that focuses on employee wellness. Now is the time to create a plan to face the upcoming changes.

Get Ready with Imagine HR. We are here to help!

When you choose Imagine HR, we will partner with you to assess your existing HR policies, your risk factors and your practiced culture before we make recommendations to ready you for the waves ahead. We can keep up with regulatory compliance by supporting you with customized policies and training curriculum. We want to help you weed out unhealthy habits and promote employee wellness! Together, we can be ready for anything.

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