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“At an early age, my older brother and I sat at my father’s desk as he reviewed business proposals to determine which ventures are viable based on market trends. He would turn to us, and candidly speak of why certain businesses are bound to fail by the hands that built them. He would challenge our opinions and develop our business acumen early on in life. We learned quickly that an enclosed belief system with a lack of diversity is one of the most detrimental plays an entrepreneur can make.

Fast forward 25 years later and halfway around the world, my older brother and I now lead our consulting firm, Imagine Better Solutions, using the same market-driven mentality passed down from generations of entrepreneurship. Starting and running a business in today’s world is not for the faint of heart, so we provide coaching to support clients in their entrepreneurial journey. We utilize a holistic consulting approach with diversified expertise to creatively problem-solve alongside entrepreneurs who we believe in.”

– Jocelyn Chang, Founder

Inclusively Innovative


Effective change to a business focuses on top-down deployment of improved People, Design and Technology. So whether you are fostering your unique concepts from brand to market, or you need help aligning the right people and corporate culture in place to scale your business,  we’re here to help you build a brand-cohesive approach to people, marketing and e-Commerce with an unapologetically innovative approach to take your brand where you want to go.

Our Team


Benjamin Chang

Managing Director

Benjamin is a full force of creative nature with over 15 years of web development and graphic design experience. Ben has an unparalleled ability to manipulate digital marketing and establish eCommerce success through the execution of effective strategic marketing. With a web development portfolio to match including big brands, such as North Face, Arc’teryx and Casetify, Ben has led countless cross-functional project teams in optimizing and launching numerous websites across industries, including retail, wholesale, cannabis, construction, engineering and other businesses.

  • Successfully planned and launched over 35 brands and websites to market
  • Specializing in strategic eCommerce websites that focus on lead conversion and SEO
  • Expert Project Manager in Tech Product Development, including Web SaaS, Phone Apps and VR Apps

Jocelyn Chang, MC, RCC, CPHR


Jocelyn is a Chartered Professional in HR and Registered Clinical Counsellor. With over 13 years of progressive management experience, Jocelyn leverages her wealth of operational knowledge from across more than 50 employers across North America to provide strategically focused business solutions, leadership development, and talent management consultation. From enterprises with 10K employees to small businesses with 10 employees, Jocelyn designed people strategies to match operational requirements while aligning to annual plans and executes plans through the change management approach to “make it happen.”

Jocelyn received her Master of Counselling degree at the City University of Seattle, which helped to refine her technical skills in planning and motivating sustainable change for individuals, couples, families, and corporate culture for better mental health outcomes. As the Founder of Imagine Better Solutions, Jocelyn continues to support the executive and management team through collaboration, coaching, and people-oriented leadership.

Past Works & Affiliations

  • Advising Leader at Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge (FLIK)
  • HR Expert at Cormack Recruitment
  • Preferred HR Consultant at BC Chiropractic Associations
  • Founder at Tiger Cub Therapy – advocacy for the Mental Health of Asians
  • Associate Clinical Counsellor at Strive Counselling Clinic

Rachael White

Director of Marketing

Leveraging her extensive experience in Strategic Digital Marketing, Branding and Social Media Management, Rachael works closely with our clients from across a variety of industries to conceptualize brand identities and to realize their potential through on-target demographics research and on-brand content planning. Her collaborative approach with web services has helped countless clients successfully launch campaigns for events, brands and e-commerce in domestic and international markets. Well versed in product packaging and print media, Rachael also focuses on the physical details that assemble into the “ultimate” customer experience. Grounded in Client Success and Consumer Communication, she is the best of both worlds in leading clients to execute marketing strategies for tangible results. As a marketing lead generation and conversion expert, she brings her creative insight and energetic momentum for planning to deliver high quality services for Imagine Better Solutions.

Wicky Leung

Technical Project Manager

With over 10 years of experience in IT project management and operations optimization, Wicky focuses on delivering tangible and high quality results for Tech, eCommerce and SaaS clients across North America. Using his in-depth understanding of business administration and tech, including knowledge as an SME in various databases, systems and applications, Wicky  creates, implements and manages SOPs that are continuously improving alongside businesses as they grow and scale. Optimizing project plans, lead times, and quality of work are some of his major professional strengths as he applies the best of AGILE in order to actualize business potentials. His meticulous work ethic and consistently planned approach to projects set the standard for what it truly means to be a Technical Project Manager.

Let’s Find Your Way


Let us take you on a journey of discovery with a visionary strategy to engage your people, your consumers and your digital audience.

We’re led by an unlikely pair – a people strategist and a mastermind developer. A brother and sister duo local to Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia, passionate for entrepreneurship and consulting with over 25 years of combined consulting practice.

Imagine, a one-stop-shop for all of your Branding, Design, Marketing, Advertising, HR, Web and IT needs. We’re here to unify business solutions for your ease of management.

Our Work


Our portfolio spans across numerous industries and organizations. Which is why we are able to think outside the box to create custom solutions made just for you.

Ready To Wake Up The Beast?

Ready To Wake Up The Beast?