5 Ways To Sell More Products Using Better Photography

It’s no secret that visually appealing photos can make or break a sale. 

Sales is about creating a need for something, and product photography is an effective way of showcasing an item in the best way possible. A photo that is aesthetically pleasing is more likely to make potential customers want to buy the item, which is why it is essential to include beautiful visuals when selling products online. 

In fact, if you include photos in your content, you will get 94% more views than if there were no photos. Research also suggests that 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding whether or not to buy something. This is why photos are a key component to gaining the trust of your customers. By seeing a visual representation of your product, people are 40% more likely to share it on social media. Consumers also tend to pay more attention to photos and remember the contents of an image better than the textual description. 

How to Use Product Photography to Maximize Sales

1. Use a Variety of Photos

A good photo can be the difference between a click to “add to cart” versus a click to close the window. However, it’s not only about getting a high-quality photo; you also want a variety of images as well. 

White Background

Showcasing your polished product on a white background emphasizes and highlights the product itself. This can be as simple as using a blank piece of paper as a backdrop for your photo. 

Since the focus of this type of photo is to highlight the product and its features in order to increase sales, be sure to get photos of your product from different angles. This will give a more holistic viewpoint for the potential customer, which may ultimately help sell your product.

Context Shots

The other type of photo you can use is context shots. Here, you want to place your product in a situation in which it is being used. For example, if you are selling a water bottle, be sure to have photos of people drinking from it after a workout. This will create a story behind the product. Here, the goal is to figure out what kind of lifestyle potential customers want, and capture that lifestyle in a perfect photo. Presenting a desirable lifestyle can be extremely beneficial for increasing product sales.

Context shots are also perfect for showcasing any add-on accessories that go with your product. This is a great way to inform customers how the add-ons complement and enhance your main product, which can lead to more purchases. 

You can also use context shots to showcase the features of your product. For example, if you are selling pens, you can include a context shot focusing on the sturdy, comfortable grip of the pen. This will draw attention to how your product is different from the competition.

2. Increase SEO by Using Alt Text

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can increase traffic to your website. Increasing SEO ensures that your website is viewed by more potential customersbut how do you increase SEO?

At its core, SEO is about ensuring your content is relevant to what a person is searching for. To show search engines that your website is the one that people are looking for, you should use photos on your website effectively. There are three ways to do this:

Caption Your Photo Correctly

Adding a caption with some keywords can make your website and products easier to find for your customers. Having a product description beside or underneath the photo can help increase SEO as well.

Use a Relevant Title

Although customers might not see what you named your photo, the name is still data that is picked up by search engines to decide whether your webpage is relevant or not to a specific search. The more relevant keywords you can put in your title, the better! For example, if you had a photo of someone holding a pen, name the image “holding a [insert brand name here] sturdy grip pen.” 

Use Alt Text

Not only is alt text important for accessibility, but it can also vastly improve SEO as well. Alt text is what describes images in the HTML of a webpage. For people who are visually impaired, the alt text helps give them context by detailing the content of each image.

Using alt text means there are a lot more opportunities to write relevant words and phrases to increase your SEO. This is the place to dump all your keywords while describing the image. Although it will not show up for people who do not use accessibility settings to have image descriptions read out to them, the alt text will still be included in the back-end of your website, which is data that search engines can use.

3. Establish Branding

Including images of your products is the perfect way to establish your brand. In your brand guidelines, you might have specific colour palettes or logos you have been meaning to use. Ensuring that your photos are consistent with these brand guidelines can help your website (and your posts) look gorgeous and professional, which can create a lasting impression on potential customers. 

A way to establish branding through product-focused photos is to use macro, or close-up photography. You can zoom in on your logo, which is displayed on your product. Because 65% of the population identifies as visual learners, using photos as a way to showcase your logo can be a more effective way to get people to remember it and gain loyal customers.

4. Tailor Your Content to Local Settings

People like to feel special. To make your content speak to them individually, tailor your photos to local settings. For example, if your primary intended audience is based in Vancouver, be sure to take some context shots of your product with a recognizable background for Vancouverites. 

This works for the caption or photo description as well. Throwing in some shared jokes about Vancouver (such as the constant rainy weather) can make people laugh as well as make them feel a personal connection with the product. By showcasing your product against a familiar background, you can foster a sense of inclusivity within your intended audience, helping them feel part of a community and more likely to purchase your product. 

5. Edit Your Photos

It goes without saying that beautiful photos are more helpful than bad photos. If your lighting is not optimal, quickly retouching and editing the photo can make vast improvements. Of course, a dark photo can make it difficult to see the details of your product, so editing to enhance these details is crucial.

Create Lasting Impressions With Imagine Better Solutions

Product photography will showcase and sell your product with much better results. This can be done by using a variety of photo styles, increasing SEO by using alt text, establishing your brand, tailoring your content, and editing photos to enhance aesthetics. By taking gorgeous shots of your product, you can establish your brand identity as a trustworthy one, increasing conversion rates and making potential customers more likely to purchase your product.

As a company that strives to be a one-stop shop for ease of management, Imagine Better Solutions can help you learn how to implement these strategies for your business. Product photography isn’t the only way to increase engagement, boost SEO, and increase conversion rates. Strong branding, engaging videos, and fun animations can also do wonders for product sales. Let us help you create a blueprint for success for your business today.

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